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 I' am a retired business man, twenty five year professional photography, plumbing sewer & drain tech business man.

 My full time job in retirement was taking care of my two daughters, but now I find that they are growing up & I have time on my hands, so I decided to use it helping other people and besides a little extra money don't hurt either.

 I started out working for the other guy like so many other people after going to business management school taken hours and hours of related school studies in Consulting, Financial, HR, Business Management & Leadership course's. After that I was a supervisor, manager, Maintenance Supervisor, and I held assorted other management positions. 

 One day I was approached for my experience, training & skills and was given the opportunity to go into business for myself.

 So during the running of A1 Redi Rooter I also went to plumbing school for 4 years three days a week three hours a day to get my plumbing license and while doing this I had gotten married the second time and with my wife who was a professional photography with her own business, We operated this photography business where I got more schooling on photography and videoing.

 Mikes Handyman Services got started while I was running my plumbing business you might recall A1 Redi Rooter anyway shortly after the starting up of it a need was presented to me to be of value to my existing customers, I was getting request other than plumbing or drain services to do other assorted jobs for my clients so Mike's Handyman Services was started. 

 So when I retired and it comes quickly, I found out retirement is not what it's cut out to be, and I came back a little while ago to my home town Evansville In, to help my mother and you know what they say you can take the boy out of the country but you can't take the country out of the boy.

 Besides I can't sit still for a minute, so I decided to get busy. I started doing photography, handyman jobs, plumbing, drain cleaning etc.

 For old fashion service and values along with prices that won't break the bank give me a call.

 Thank You for visiting my web site. and if you are a former Redi Rooter customer please mention that to me. I got special prices for you.



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