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Stop flood damage before it really starts!

Floodstop is a point entry or point of use, leak detection and automatic water shut-off system designed for residential and commercial dwellings. It uses solid brass motorized valves to shut off the water supply whenever your appliance leaks!

What do the Floodstop Systems really do?

Utilizing solid brass water valves, the systems all operate in nearly the same manner.

Water Heater Example


1. A quick installation of the valves. UPC approved valves are Full-Port and offer zero flow restriction.

2. The water sensor is placed beneath the appliance where a leak is likely to occur.

3. Upon leak detection, the controller automatically closes the valves and sounds an alert. Controller can be powered with AC and/or 4 C-size batteries.

Floodstop for the Whole House

Wireless whole house FloodStop for your home. Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that if any appliances, supply lines or drains start to leak, your FloodStop system will automatically shut off the water to the entire home. This system comes with everything you need including a full-port, solid brass motorized ball valve, FloodStop controller and four wireless water sensors. The sensors can be powered by 4 AA batteries or plug them in with the included wall adaptors. Note: If the sensors are plugged into AC, they also act as a signal repeater. Imagine, the more sensors you have the better the signal strength. Mounting screws and velcro are also included.

Wireless Whole House Systems with 4 Sensors                                                      

3/4" FS3/4NPTW $360 +S&H                                                        

1" FS3/4NPTW $380 +S&H                                                                          

11/4" FS3/4NPTW $400 +S&H

Extra Wirless Sensor Module 

XMS $70 Plus S&H

Extra Wireless Water Sensor Pad 

XS-02 $28 +S&H

Washing Machine Sensor Module, Pad & Ball Vales 

3/4" Hose Threads FS3/4H90 ball valves $208 +S&H         



Water Heater or Main Supply comes with Controller, Water Sensor & Valve           see water heater pictures above #1,2 & 3                                                         

3/4" Pipe Thread FS3/4NPT ball valve $148 +S&H                                         

3/4" Compression fitting FS3/4C ball valve $160 +S&H                                     

1" Pipe Threads FS1NPT ball valve $168 +S&H                                          

11/4" pipe Threads FS1NPT ball valve $172 +S&H

Dishwasher, Toilet, icemaker comes with Controller, Water Sensor & valve          see water heater pictures above #1, 2 & 3                                                         

3/8" Compression Fitting FS3/8C ball valve $144 +S&H 

Dual Valves for Sink Application comes with Controller, Water Sensor & Valve     see water heater pictures above #1, 2 & 3                                                         

3/8" Compression Fitting FS3/8CD ball valve $170 +S&H                    

Icemakers and Water Filters comes with Controller, Water Sensor & Valve           see water heater pictures above #1, 2 & 3                                                            

1/4" Compression Fitting FS1/4C ball valve $136 +S&H


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